Ever wanted magical powers?
Well, thanks to some precise and careful wording, you have been blessed with the ability to transform into various objects!

Don't think that's exciting?

Here are just a few things you can become in this game:

A bed

A candelabra

A Murderous Godlike Being of Nigh Unstoppable Magical Force And Willpower

A cat

And many, many more!

P.S. The cat is pettable! Everything is pettable! Even I am pettable, though that is in fact frowned upon in most societies.

(For players who are unfamiliar with inform:)

The way to play this kind of Interactive Fiction game is by typing commands. (Think old school video games. WAY old school.)

It is best to keep these commands simple and to the point: to go somewhere, try saying GO NORTH or simply N. (The same thing works for all the other cardinal directions.) A player can also move UP or DOWN, if those directions are available, and check inventory with INVENTORY or just I, examine a room with LOOK, and examine an object with EXAMINE (thing) or just X (thing). You can also repeat the last action with G, and do nothing for a turn with Z or WAIT.

Generally, typing something like STRUT INTO KITCHEN won't work, because the verb isn't common enough for Inform to recognize it as viable player input. For this game especially, I have modified the list of verbs Inform will usually parse, and verbs like TOUCH and SMELL have been removed entirely from play.

I can't tell you all of the commands, because some are figured out through puzzles and exploring in the game. But I can tell you that they are few in number, so don't worry about missing out on key puzzle elements if you forget to LICK THE WALLS. Just keep it simple, and if you get really stuck, holler for help by typing HELP.

Future Planned Update Announcements and Such

Some things I've been trying to check off my list:

- [ ] >Make bed a supporter. Make it possible to jump on bed. For fun. (probably not gonna happen anytime soon. Last time I tried this, I broke several other things in the process.)

- [ ] >Fix candelabra puzzle so it’s easier to understand what to do. (I don't even know how I'm gonna achieve this. It's possible to complete the puzzle by examining the key when the lit candelabra is in the room. I don't know how else to make it clearer.)

- [ ] Gotta catch ‘em all: If you have all the charms on your person, you get a special ending! (I don't know if I have the energy to keep working on this one.)

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It took me a while to understand how does it work, but I really like the idea and the game! C:

Thanks so much for playing!

for what it's worth recorded my first impression of the game. Got stuck on a part, sorry I couldn't play further, but you get to see how it goes down. I'm not really good at text adventures.

This is super helpful! There's a lot of player commands used here that ought to work, but that I hadn't thought of including/checking for, so I will definitely be including those in the future. (Also, I've since replaced the 'I believe in you buddy' message with a recap of all commands.)

>I gotta fix the log readout, so it recognizes "log" to mean the same thing as "logs". And the staircase bit. Also I'll fix the match readout so it doesn't say "hands" when the player is a cat.

>You are absolutely correct. If you can't meow and do cat things as a cat, the game needs to be fixed.

>"My escape? ... Well I'm not keeping up with the lore I guess" Big Mood

Thanks so much for playing and testing it out! (hint: you can go up and down by saying UP or DOWN, if those directions are available!)

Hi! I was really digging this, especially the worldbuilding. Played Gone Home recently and gave off similar vibes. I did at one point get stuck though trying to do the tome bit? I turned into a tome not on the pedestal and it wouldn't let me release to do it properly. 

(2 edits)

Thanks so much for your feedback! That's a really important bug you noticed, thanks for telling me about it!

Edit: the bug was because I uploaded an old zip instead of a current one with the fix. It should be up now!

Editedit: So it turns out the mirror was still refusing to release people, because I'd specified that the mirror release people when unbroken but forgot to add that in for when it is broken as well. But if you've already got the old version loaded up in your browser and don't want to play through the whole thing again, just know the whole mirror interaction isn't necessary to beat the game. You can ignore it and continue if you haven't been consumed in its nightmarish Carrollian maw yet.